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We prepared for you a list of frequently asked questions related to Mor products. If your question is not found in the items below , please contact us through SAC form. Thank you !


    • How to clean the chairs?

      Use only mild soap and water. Keep them always in a dry place. 

    • What is the maximum weight recommended?



      Child’s lawn chair
      Child’s 4 positions chair
      30 Kg
      Campstool with back
      Lawn Chair 
      4 positions Reclining Chair  
      8 positions Reclining Chair
      90 Kg
      Sunshine Chair 
      Fashion Master Chair
      Fashion Sunshine Chair 
      Fashion Master Plus Aluminum Chair
      Fashion Director Chair
      Georgia Chair 
      100 Kg
      Alfa 4 Positions Chair 120 Kg






    • Which is the difference between steel chairs and aluminum chairs?


      Aluminum chairs, besides being lighter than the steel ones, are suitable for use in coastal areas because of the greater resistance to corrosive effects.



  • barbecue

    • Which are the cares to clean and conserve MOR’s barbecues?

      We recommend after using the barbecue, remove the coal and salt, lubricate with cooking oil and store it in a dry place. Never use water to clean your barbecue. 


    • What is the maximum weight recommended?


      MOR Stairs are manufactured under the criteria of the ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association), which guarantees an excellent product that can withstand up to 100kg.




    • What are the benefits of ground cover and the covers for MOR’s pools?

      While the cover helps keep pool water clean for longer, avoiding undesirable insects, leaves, among others, the pool tarp ensures longer life of the pool as it helps to protect the fabric of small objects that could damage it.

    • How long will last the water using filter and chlorine?
    • What kinds of products are used to conserve water?

      Liquid chlorine or common water daily, always after using it.

    • What type of glue is used to repair the pools?

      A special adhesive for PVC vinyl.